World Travel Simple Living

[Update – this part, and many others, have been cut, as I am closing this blog out]

PS All the photos here are mine with occasional noted exceptions. And all events are real.


4 responses to “World Travel Simple Living

  1. Jon Hebert

    We spoke the other day at Jupiter House. I will not have much time to read your site for a few weeks due to job hunting. Just wanted to drop a note and say good luck.

    – Jon

  2. Hey – yeah – you had the huge book to study! Good luck with the interviews – in Austin you said? And thanks!

  3. Victoria

    The pictures are beautiful and your accounts of your travel are amazing. It makes me want to pick up and leave tomorrow. I am looking forward to many more stories and pictures. Thank you for sharing it all with us.


  4. T.J.B.

    Well written, insightful, and entertaining. Real world adventures more entertaining than fiction…

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